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About Us

Create Foundation has been operating in Kosovo since 2015 and currently implements programs with funding from various donors.” Continues to work closely with its partners, local communities, its donors and the key domestic and international actors, to develop strategies to successfully respond to the needs of hundreds of marginalized groups in Kosovo and integrating approaches that emphasize good governance, economic development, productive communities, social entrepreneurship, sustainable resource management, resilience, community cohesion, and peace-building.

Create Foundation maintains its main office in Prishtine/Pristina, supported by a field presence within ten municipalities in Kosovo.

About Us

Mission Statment

CREATE Foundation will foster a thriving market system that values innovation and market-based approaches to social and economic development, particularly with regards to individuals who are at-risk or disadvantaged.

Vision Statment

CREATE Foundations vision is that Kosovo is a place where entrepreneurship becomes a valued part of society and culture and is supported and encouraged institutionally across all three sectors: public, private and civil society.

Our Strategy

Promote sustainable change by supporting initiatives that are community-led, market-drivenand promote good governance. Seek innovation that creates major breakthrough against poverty and lasting change in the places we work, particularty focusing on social entrepreneurship.

Our Team

Our programs are led by a gender balanced, multi-ethnic and highly qualified team in various sectors that know the culture and understand the unique challenges of each community and business sector. Their hard work and personal commitment to success help communities to help themselves.

We Believe

Communities are the best agents of their own change. Local markets are the best engines of sustainable recovery. Success is built on the foundation of good governance.

We Recognize

Without strong policies and best practices in place to support or enhance a community’s well-being, even the best-executed program will have a limited impact.

Our Goal

To leverage policy changes to achieve transformational impacts in the locations where we work

What We Do

Listen closely to our beneficiaries, partners and all relevant stakeholders to make sure their voices, concerns and suggestions are heard by key decision makers.

We Trust

Smart, efficient and often integrated humanitarian and development assistance for communities can truly empower people to build better lives and transform their communities for good